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Know Your Calling

Reading Ephesians as a whole - my study - In my Christian life I learn and according to that knowledge I work or as Ephesians say walk.

Learning any new skill in practice is at first not easy or natural but with use can become natural and easy with not much recalling of the basics of the new skill. Saying that, it is good to revisit the basics to keep within the boundaries that are set. However, we build on that knowledge and more work/walk is clear, it would seem foolish to work in an advanced state with partial knowledge even dangerous.  

There are no time limits or rushing needed but acknowledgment of that truth revealed, we walk according to knowledge and in Ephesians we have the manual for Truth and Practice in this present age for the believer - new creation - one new man - old put away to make way for the new "The Church which is His body, Christ the Head". The Mystery hid in God never revealed until then as it was revealed to Paul the prisoner of Christ Jesus for us Gentiles.  When our own eyes are enlightened to this mystery that Paul endeavoured to preach, the unsearchable riches in Christ and understanding given can we walk in that truth and knowledge.

New destination - In heavenly Places.

The old titles make way for new and old destinations or places where they enjoy the blessings that have been given in Christ make way for new.  To know the Church of His body was purposed in God before the age of time began when first Adam was created - Abram called out, promise made  - " The Church of Israel" and then according to election/calling "The church of God" each with their own purpose/work/walk in God.  

I am so grateful for that grace which has been made possible for me through Christ Jesus my Lord and Head, who before time began is loved in the sphere I will one day arrive at in glory in light with God - for God seeing the beginning to the end of the ages sent Christ in the fullness of time to fulfil all that God had purposed to do. The purpose before and the purpose after or since the creation of the ages until all the ages are finished and again a new creation  the last creation completing the ages where God fills all in all, in heaven where I am to be and in the earth where they who the promises were made from the foundation will be. All blessed in God because of Christ Jesus my Lord and saviour.

The Church which is His body don't share in the inheritance and promises made after creation. Promises made to the fathers confirmed by Jesus' earthly ministry, but of Promise (singular) Life, which predates time it's self and found in Christ and sealed with the Holy Spirit of promise, that before the foundations of the world I am chosen In Him, In love, In grace to be In glory, In light, In Heavenly Places.  To the glory of His grace which He purposed in Himself the good pleasure of His will.  By grace I am saved!

So in that knowledge God has prepared good works to walk in, which I am still learning and growing. Inspired truth can be made of no effect by wrongly applied truth.  It is an error we can make concerning the faith to carry over the hopes and promises made by God to another of His called out people...Old covenant brought over to the New Covenant in turn to carry that over to the One new man "Church, His Body" or mixing it all up together.

Each have their own walk, calling and hope.  To me as a Gentile Ephesians tells me were no promises made, no covenants, no ordinances, no supernatural gifts to confirm the promises made to the other called out believers. I was without hope, promises and without God but now made close by the blood of Christ, the faith of Him to become His workmanship created in Christ Jesus unto good works.

So not much point trying to do the works, practices, ordinances of another calling but the calling He called me to become a member of. As I put off the old man with its walk may I put on the new man that is in Him endeavouring to keep the unity which is to be guarded of the Spirit with its oneness, one body, one Spirit even as I am called in one hope of my calling, one Lord, one faith, one baptism, one God and father of all who is above. The one body - new man - Church of this age of grace, not by works but unto good works.

Cornelius who was the first Gentile to be saved in the acts period of the apostles if he crossed the middle wall of partition he would have been killed. Peter being a Jew would not have been killed because he was allowed access.  Both Cornelius and Peter were saved by grace by faith in the saviour Jesus Christ, both redeemed by the same blood.  Instructions for one don't mean all.  

Up to the first Gentile being saved salvation was for the Jew to whom the promises were made and it was a shock to the Jewish believer and took a revelation to Peter to prepare him for the change that salvation is now made possible for the Gentile who were classed as unclean through the precious blood of the saviour. For now there is no condemnation for them in Christ, both Jew and Gentile as the letter to the Romans state. In that same letter it isn't equality but the Jew first the Gentiles graphed in to them.  The Jews still retained their customs and ordinances and continued in the Passover of which Jesus told them - when they do it to now remember Him, the true Passover.  

This instruction was not given to the Gentile or the other customs for they would have to have become proselytes.  Some of the Jewish believers then tried to compel them and a meeting of the apostles and elders with Paul and Barnabas at Jerusalem was needed, the results of which can be found in Acts chapter 15. Nowhere were Gentiles compelled to become Jewish and keep their customs, ordinances including the Passover or getting circumcised.

The Church of God in 1 Cori is not the same as the church of Israel which again is different than the church of Ephesians, unless you see there are differences it's going to be difficult to discern how to walk and work according to full knowledge and judgment. You will not be filled with fruits of righteousness and give God glory and praise Phil 1:9-10.  However you will if you walk worthy in the calling where you are called.

Are you in the calling of ...

  1. The Church of Israel - saved, blessed in the earth according to promises - Kingdom of God
  2. The Church of God - saved, blessed with the Jew, graphed in by nature a wild olive to the natural olive branch where flows the blessings - Kingdom of God - heavenly city the new Jerusalem
  3. The church which is His body - saved, blessed in heavenly places far above all seated in heaven with God where Christ now sits

To me is the calling of number 3 this calling is more excellent and I press for the prize of the high calling not the earthly calling. Not that I can pick and choose for it is God who predestined according to foreknowledge and it is here in Christ.  He opened my eyes to see this wonderful truth of The Mystery that was hid in God before the overthrow/foundations, the heaven which is far above all at the right hand of God, where my life is hid with Christ in God.

The heavens of creation the firmament or expanse, spread out like a curtain will one day be scrolled back and will pass away and He will create a new heaven and earth.  The God of creation, my Lord Jesus Christ is far above this firmament where my blessings are to be enjoyed.  In Christ according as He has chosen me in Him before the foundation of the world.  He also chose the 12 disciples who will occupy 12 thrones on the earth to judge the 12 tribes of Israel also the election of grace in Romans the graphed in Gentiles who will enjoy the new Jerusalem.  Of which I am not, because this mystery was hid in the scriptures since the world began. One thing is sure that all places of blessing can only be enjoyed because of Christ according to Gods purpose we are called to the place of calling and each calling has a work which is our walk.

Know your calling then you can walk worthy of it, works prepared by God.  If I attempt to walk in another calling which isn't for me it wouldn't be a worthy walk, even foolish, missing the mark concerning the faith. He gave some to be apostles and prophets which were a foundation declaring the chief corner stone Christ Himself.  Which leaves us in this age of the grace of God evangelist, pastors and teachers for the edifying of the body of Christ till we all come in the unity of the faith and the full knowledge of the Son of God unto a perfect man i.e. grown up, not children carried about with every wind of doctrine.  

We have to know the truth so we can speak it in love to grow up in Him in all things which is the head, Christ.  From Him does the whole body fitly-joined together and compacted through every joint supply according to the working of every part makes increase of the body unto the edifying of itself in love.  Let me not be alienated from the life of God through ignorance having my understanding darkened.

I am still growing, little by little bit by bit I press forward to the the prize of the high calling! I pray that my boasting isn't in anything that I've done but in knowing God through that which He has provided His Word. I aim to worship Him in spirit and truth, God is spirit and He has provided His truth so if I want to really honour Him I will base my faith on His truth and not experience, feelings and stories.